Make more sales in the optical with Smart Triage

Learn about your patients’ needs before they come into the office. Let us show you how.

Smart Triage

Intelligent Marketing For Your Office

Discover. Our triage tool determines exactly why your patient is coming in.

Educate. Use our custom videos and infographics to teach the patient about their symptoms.

Market. We let patients know about products and services that can help them.

How It Works

The Steps Of Our Success


Your patient calls or goes online to book an appointment.


We take the opportunity to learn exactly why your patient is coming in and intelligently analyze the information.


We automatically send highly personalized information to your patient about products and services that you offer in the office that will benefit them.


The patient arrives knowledgeable. Wait time is reduced, staff time is optimized, and the doctor spends less time selling.

More than 95% of emails sent by a medical office are opened by the patient.

Are you taking advantage of a prime opportunity to speak with your patients?


Needs based selling is the most effective way to increase revenues in the optical.


Our triage organizes and bins every patient by type of exam, specific needs and symptoms, and determines the exam difficulty level.


By setting patient expectation before the visit, you improve their experience in your office.

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App Features

The Details

Patient Forms

Make it fun to fill out patient forms before a patient walks in the door.


Understand the exact reason for visit, difficulty of exam, and key symptoms for patients.

Personalized Communication

Send personalized videos and infographics on products and services you offer in the office.

Phone Triage

Book appointments on the phone seamlessly. Send patients our HIPAA compliant triage questions and patient forms.

3D Videos & Infographics

Make it easy for your patients to understand the benefits of services and products that help their problems.

Insights & Marketing Analytics

Gain tremendous insights on your patients’ needs, occupation, and hobbies before they visit your clinic.

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